Upsetti Spaghetti

by operation acoustic kitty

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I wrote this one may day when i was feeling like trying to focus. Non of these were previously written down so they could be good or maybe not.

Album ft. me and the voices in my head

I mean except the covers but

i hope you enjoy :)

I played- Guitar, uke, my voice, I did the whistle thing, sometimes I hamboned, I played my cat's carrying thing as a drum (cus I'm resourceful)

Sorry if I scared you with this


released May 24, 2017

Walter Etc./Walter Mitty and his Makeshift Orchestra wrote the songs Boomer Etc, and Booger Storm.

You Me at Apollo wrote the song Places.

Thank you to these two bands for not suing :)



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Operation Acoustic Kitty Stratford, Ontario

Another white boy

I sing about my problems to avoid facing them,
(I mean probably, I'm no shrink)

My music is rarely written down so most likely the recordings you hear will be the only proof of them. :)

Love you
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Track Name: I can't write so i don't
I don't trust this world no more,
cus I know that it can be some horror
story coming true, and everything you feared
will come crashing right down on you,
cus nothings fair in this big blue world,
and nothing wil ever teach you more than,
lessons you learned when you're burnt snd scarred,
so I pray this another lost cause.

I can recall the days,
when I was worried about nothing,
just everything since then seems like a blur,
and now all I do is hold onto this earth.

Cus I know what I know,
and I know it ain't much,
I know I'm just another man, craving a woman's touch.
And I hope I can see through all this shit I've brought on you,
but trust me my friend I never meant it.

please don't wait for me,

to change,

cus you know, I never will.

Change who I am now.

I'll always be the same immature douchebag that you knew when we were 16,
and now I know you overestimated me,
I'm never kept up what you said, never ran your race,
cus I really can't stress how much I don't care what people think.
Track Name: Say "K" One More Time
I can't see the light since I turned a blind eye, and
that's just what I wanted anyway.

N I don't know what your up to, and I don't wanna,
cus I know it wouldn't make me happy.

So I just ignore the fact that, he's probably in your bed right now,
and I'll think about something to burn.

Might now be healthy, but what other choice do I have?

I can see a sunset rise in the distance and always can see a reason for us to work.

And I can find a reason to be angry with every proposition that you put into place.

Cus I don't agree with anyone's political beliefs.

But I'm just free from your lies.
And I won't have to learn till I die,
cus i"m no idiot,
it;'s only my own opinion.

Bud, nothing really matters,
so don't take it so seriously.

And the only food I have left is old Chinese noodles,
the only love I have left will not go to myself.

Cus I can always find someone else to worry about,
I wait till the end; doesn't matter much to me.

Ya i'll keep on soldierin'
cus In know I can take it.
Track Name: Love wins, U lose :)
I once felt lost, now I know,
everything I need is within me,
and I never need to bail.

But i Lost and still I'm glad, that everything I ever had,
was gone away for so long, gone, gone.

Cus now, now I know, all I need is my soft soul, and no one can ever rob that from me, ever.
And so, when I go, don't you bury me deep in the Earth, burn my body let it go away from here.

CUs I know, ya I know, life is never ending and our love is too much to go without.
In the end, well my friend, everything I need is within your body, ya all I need is your soul.

So say goodbye, you should wave goodbye to everything, that we worked hard for, fall is now.
And my love, you know, that we knew that we're stilll the last ones gone, cus we, are the same.

And I was made, made for you, made for everybody in this world just to consume all my love I have inside.
Don't you fear, don't you fear! Well, the Earth is still beneath our feet, listening to everything you have.

And my love, I love you, I love the people that I hate!
I just wan to, learn how to forgive.

They say forgiveness starts with yourself, in that case I'm a lost cause because I can't forgive anyone for what I've done.

But I try, oh God, I try. Please believe that everything I give to you won't be in vain.
So my love, oh my love, we will move on with our ways, and I'll write songs, let them take it all in.

Cus I know, yes I know, that no one's ever loved like us, no one's ever felt this to be true.
So my dear, my dear Leah, don't you give up, don't you wane, don't you fear, we will succeed against the odds.

CUs the Earth, it may be mean, but we are soft and and now we are everything that this hard worlds ever feared.
Track Name: You have to fine the silver lining on your own
ur on ur own for this one
Track Name: Boomer Etc.-Walter Etc Cover
Boomer, look at me back living with my parents
making an appearance as a guest in my highschool bed
bored with myself and predictable depression
my same old chord progressions
but my lyrics were better back then

Oh well
my fault
it will only get worse with age
But I will make art
til it kills me

Gotta sneak away for a smoke
old friends seem formal, not stoked
either you lost your sense of humor or they dont get your jokes
they all quit smoking these days
in fact, your the last one
chiefed a lonely little spliff on the front porch

It's a lousy mess of adulthood
looking for a job on craigslist like I should
Got my resume just today as spruced up with lies
cause i dont want to work in retail for the rest of my life, no....

Oh well
my fault
i can always sell lemonade
but i will make art
til it kills me

Boomer your my last good friend
Your too soon old, too short on time
Rest your achy bones in your bed
enjoy your final curtsy of life
Your death will be a real heartbreaker
I assume its only natural I guess
No less a bummer

Keep in good health and keep up with your peers
Gotta reinvent yourself, don't be the redundant adjective
Nobody cares about your travels
so you sound like your bragging about the countries you've been in but
I can recall a day when you knew my middle name and
we mostly felt the same now
that kind of magic can only exist in the
mothballs of memory
and your eyes roll at me like
"go tell it to your family dog"

Cause Boomer your my last good friend
I can tell you can tell I'm leaving again
Just hang in there a few more months
I swear I'll make it worth it for you
A belly rub to end all the pain
now close your eyes, if this is goodbye
just know i love you.